Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ya Who?

While listening to the radio (OPB, of course) this morning, I heard a story that Bing has now overtaken Yahoo (big surprise, right?) as a search provider. Yet another sad step on Yahoo's march to oblivion.

I've had a Yahoo! account for years. At different times I used the email, calendar, and chat functions. One feature that I especially liked was 'Briefcase', which was discontinued a couple of years ago.

Nowadays, the only Yahoo feature I still use is 'Notepad', because that's where, over the years, I stashed various bits of information like website logons, mileage plan account numbers, and other things to which I occasionally need access, from a computer other than my main one.

Just for grins, I googled 'export yahoo notepad', and it took me to this clever site, where following the simple instructions quickly exported all my Yahoo Notepad items into Google Docs. Painless.

Farewell, Yahoo. Oops, that should be 'Yahoo!'

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