Tuesday, March 08, 2011

photos from Sylvia's 100th Birthday weekend

My mother-in-law's 100th birthday is today. This past weekend, we celebrated at her Pasadena home, with two parties, with family, friends, and neighbors. She was (rightly so) the center of attention, at the Saturday Open House.

Here are Valerie and Don, reading greetings from the President and First Lady (really!). She pronounced the President's name as 'Boruch', which was hysterical, under the circumstances.

Another 'proclamation', this one home-grown.

Sunday night, the family got together at this great restaurant, for a fabulous dinner, with plenty of wine and laughs.
There was this luscious cake, with her name spelled wrong.

Monday morning, before heading to the airport. Karen and Sylvia on the terrace at the house.

It was a quick trip, but how often do you get a chance to spend time with someone with a 100 year perspective? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SYLVIA!

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