Friday, October 22, 2010

Roger Ebert on the Afterlife

Roger's review of the new Eastwood movie. The New Yorker didn't like it, but this review puts it into an entirely different light. Now I'm intrigued.

But there's much more here:

"We live, we die. That is not a tragedy. The tragedy would be never having been born. The number of possible lives that have never been lived is so large that actual lives represent a vanishingly small number after a decimal point and a great many zeros. We won a cosmic lottery by being not only alive but being self-aware and able to think rationally. That is cause for joy. We should collect our winnings and feel grateful when we die."

I read the above with a warm cat happily nested in my arms. Both of us felt grateful.

Nice way to start a Friday, don't you think?

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bikelovejones said...

What a perfect quote, and thought.
Thank you SO much for posting this.