Monday, October 25, 2010

"More luck than brains"

This used to be our motto, years ago. Its truth still holds.

When we left portland saturday, I threw the snow chains into the back of my car, congratulating myself for my foresight.

And, indeed, waking up in K-Falls this morning, we see fresh snow on the hills, and the ODOT road report for OR58 early this morning said 'chains required.'

I went out to the car just now to look at the instructions for the chains, which I bought last year and never used.

I had grabbed the chains for karen's car, not mine.

Fortunately (here's the luck part), conditions are improving and the official status is now 'carry chains'.

By 2 this afternoon, when we leave for portland, it should all be ok. Now, the question becomes: do I confess or let it go?

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