Tuesday, July 21, 2009

unfortunately, sometimes it's OK that Big Brother is Watching

This morning, I purchased, by credit card, two train tickets for one leg of our Spain trip (Figueres to Tarragona). There is only 1 train on the morning in question that will meet our needs, so I thought it made sense to claim our seats now (before the Dollar drops any further against the Euro - sheesh!).

Although the site was in Spanish, I negotiated the steps without any problems. I did have one moment of panic when, just as I was preparing to print the tickets, I thought for a terrifying 12 seconds that I had inadvertently reversed the origin and destination. Fortunately, all was correct. Tickets are printed and in my soon-to-be-bulging envelope of Spain documents.

Less than five minutes later, I was outside digging an invasive plant from a flower bed when I heard the inside phone ring. Often, when working outside, I let it go to the answering machine. This time, I pulled off my gloves and picked it up.

It was an automated call from my credit-card issuer, asking me to confirm my identity and then confirm the 'suspicious' purchases, which included today's Spanish train tickets and Karen's trip to our local Safeway, last night.

I wonder, if I hadn't answered the phone, if they would have put a hold on the ticket purchase, requiring me to jump thru hoops to get it authorized? At any rate, I have to admire their program that must scan every purchase, looking for something that breaks the usual purchase pattern, and triggers a phone call within a couple of minutes.

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