Thursday, July 23, 2009

transition day

Yesterday, I was rushing around from 7 am thru 10 pm, and a dozen chores got done. There's a certain satisfaction in ending a day that began with the thought "Oh, my god, I have so many things that must get done today" with the thought "nailed it".

Today is the lull before the next wave of frantic activity. Two of our three house guests for the upcoming week are now arrived and getting settled. We leave for a week at the beach on Saturday, just as the temperature is to approach 100.

Portland's most-sustained heat-wave in over 30 years is about to hit, and we are going to be basking in the 70 degree temps in Manzanita. It doesn't always work out this way.

Today, I water veggies and shrubs, mow the lawn, and start making lists of bike, dog, and people things to take. Maybe I'll even get to do 15 minutes of paid work.

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