Sunday, June 07, 2009

synchronicity in everyday life

Yes, I know there are rational explanations for Synchronicity, but it's always jarring to be confronted with it happening.

Yesterday, I dropped by my local library to pick up a couple of videos - something to occupy my dreary evenings, until Karen returns from LA on Wednesday. There on the shelf, I saw a 50's Hitchcock film that, I am certain, I have never seen: "I Confess".

The current book I am reading is 'The Crucible of War', a long but fascinating history of the French and Indian War (or, from the perspective of the Europeans, the Seven Years War). This afternoon, I read the chapter on the battle of Quebec, which described in detail the physical features that determined the events of the battle that may have cemented the ultimate British victory (at a minimum, it provided an excuse in London for a grand celebration, with fireworks and much drinking).

Seeking a respite from the military history of the 1750s (not that it's not compelling), I loaded the DVD and fired up the special feature. I was immediately floored to find that the film takes place in....Quebec, with, apparently, many establishing shots showing the physical location of the city. What are the odds?

These things are probably happening all the time. At the moment, though, it seemed pretty eerie.

I have a meeting to go to in a couple of hours - when I return, I hope to sit down with a late dinner and a glass or two of wine, and watch the film, which promises to be an exquisite Hitchcock concoction, with amazing black-and-white photography, the usual Hitchcockian twists of guilt and innocence, and an electrifying performance by Montgomery Clift. What a treat.

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