Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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It's not as if I am swamped with work, because I am quite underemployed these days, having lost three clients due to budget cuts, my contact at my primary client (the USDA) is busy with other matters, and my potential new contract (National Park Service) is still in the proposal stage.

In the meantime, we had a delightful weekend camping near Bend over the holiday. Beautiful weather and good company, along with a substantial amount of good food and drink.

Zacky, our almost 10-year-old Corgi is really going downhill fast, with his degenerative myelopethy. His walking is quite impaired, often having to drag is hind-quarters along on the ground. I am carrying him a lot.

Still, when he's happy, that old smile appears. We are trying to monitor his quality of life, to know when it's time to pull the plug. It ain't easy.

Picking bok choy from the garden (Karen says it's the best bok choy she's ever had). Peas are climbing the trellis; tomatoes and squashes are still pretty small. Onions are starting to make little bulbs. Raspberries are coming along, although the patch could sure use a good weeding. 17 of the 20 asparagus crowns are doing well - many of them getting ready to go to seed, which is what you, want the first year.

Spending a lot of time reading tourism materials on Spain. Can't resist buying specific maps and guide-books. Four months to go!

Doing a lot of piano accompaniment, for various events around town. Some of it actually pays!

Oh yeah, I'm hosting the Yiddish Hour next Sunday (the 31st) on KBOO from 10-11 am PDT. You can stream it live here. I have some traditional stuff and some wild stuff planned - should be fun.

Gotta pretend to do some work now...

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