Sunday, December 11, 2016

you're invited to my party

OK, it's come down to this.

Given the increasing evidence of Russian meddling, the long-recognized Russian entanglements among many of the Trump insiders, the astonishing cravenness of the Cabinet appointments (Exxon Mobile CEO as Secretary of State? Can you say 'Oil-igarchy'?), and, ultimately, the preposterous reality of the President-Elect (shudder) himself, I believe it's time for a 'what side are you on' moment.

A certain number of elected Congressfolk are well and truly alarmed at the rot that this 'election' has wrought.  And exposed.

I know that the few vocal Republicans, who understand what these developments mean for the American Republic, will never cross-over to declare themselves Democrats, to counter the 'Freedom Caucus' troglodytes.

Therefore, I proclaim that it's now time for a new coalition to form (yes, it will be predominantly Democrats, excluding Joe Manchin), of statespeople who understand the abyss we are hurtling towards (gas-pedal brought to you by Exxon Mobile and Koch Industries).

I don't even care if you call it the 'Patriot Party' or some such nonsense.  I don't care if you put John McCain and Lindsay Graham as its leaders.  I don't care if they call it the 'New Republicans'.

All that is important is that it has enough members in both Houses (heck, I'd settle ONLY for the Senate), to constitute a movement that the Media will HAVE to explain as 'people of American principles, dedicated to stopping a runaway train'.

By the way, if this results in the disintegration of one or both of the existing Major Parties, I'm willing to live with that.  Yes, I know all about the 'Law of Unintended Consequences'.

To continue on the current course, I believe, is Social Suicide.

Gaia also would say 'thanks - what took you so long?'.

Just a thought...

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