Thursday, February 07, 2013

it might as well be Spring

There is actual sun in Portland today, and it's positively mild - what a change!  Time to get out in the yard and do a few long-postponed chores.

Here are two of our (several) vegetable plots that, last year, held tomatoes (very good year, both for Cherry and Early Girl), bok choi (very tasty - ate 'em all), purple bush beans (meh!), squashes (zucchini and summer - moderately successful), and a smattering of herbs, which were, sadly, mostly destroyed by the cats.

Patches are now freshly weeded and spread with a lot of our abundant compost.

I'm thinking potatoes in one of them (did potatoes in the back yard last year - pretty good yield), and more tomatoes and POLE beans (quite successful, a couple of years ago) in the other.

This afternoon, compost on the asparagus bed!

(By the way, if you click to enlarge the photo, and it was a perfectly-clear day, you'd see Mt. Hood in the spot above the neighbor's chimney.)


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