Sunday, December 16, 2012

since we are never going to do anything about the guns...

I think the Egyptian Pharaohs had it right.

When a new one came to power, he often ordered that all images of the prior guy be defaced, and his name erased from History for all time.

I would never dream of advocating laws that dictate what Media can say (slippery-slope #1), but perhaps we can all urge the TV and Radio media to STOP spending countless hours, after these events, focusing on the shooter.  The current repetitive amateur psychology never 'explains' what happened, and only demonstrates to like-minded/susceptible young men how they can achieve (perverse) immortality, too.

Over the past couple of days, I did hear a report that one town's local newspaper, after one of these tragedies, made a policy decision that school shootings would NEVER appear on Page 1, and the shooter's name would never be mentioned.

That might help, but I can't honestly imagine the 24/7 TV news business ever adopting a policy that would just make viewers turn to a more-sensational outlet, and that would hurt ratings/revenue, so screw public interest.

...Unless they all agreed, and, come to think of it, thanks to the unprecedented Media Consolidation of the past 20 years, that would only require action by about 6 CEOs.  Hmmmmm.


Shirley Litton said...

I'm anxious to hear what the sibling reveals about the home life. The fact that he shot his mother first says he either decided she was a practice target, OR he freaking HATED her. Yes, the non-stop sensationalism is pathetic to say the least. And why in hell does the public need to own automatic weapons?? What's their next right of ownership - nuclear bombs?

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