Wednesday, March 21, 2012

progress IS possible, in small things

World Peace and rational Public Policy is as distant as always, but at least my broadband has improved.

Here are the metrics from my original Qwest DSL connection (that I had for several years, and never complained about):

A couple of months ago, Comcast made me a TV/Internet deal that I couldn't refuse. I bought a used cable modem from a craigslist guy, and the connection improved enough to be noticeable.  Plus we were now able to waste infinitely more hours watching stupid TV that we did not receive before.  The initial Comcast metric was:

The other day, I got a letter from Comcast saying that, if I upgraded my modem to a DOCSIS 3.0 model, I'd get even better connectivity.  I bought one from another craigslist guy yesterday ($65), and (with ZoneAlarm turned off), it now looks like this:

Response time is noticeably faster.  Before yesterday I had never heard of DOCSIS.  Ya learn something new every day.

Now, I guess I better get to work...

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