Friday, April 08, 2011

Wisconsin deja vu

So, after the Democrat claims a narrow victory, the (long-time Republican) County clerk announces that an error occurred, and not only does it throw the election to the (long-time Republican) incumbent, but the extra margin conveniently increases the margin 'just enough' to eliminate the mandated recount.

Statement from the clerk (who in the past was chastised for sloppy election handling):

"It is important to stress that this is not a case of extra votes or extra ballots being found," she added. "This is human error, which I apologize for -- which is common in this process."

Yes, this sort of thing is common in this process. How odd, though, that these anomalies never seem to be to the benefit of Democrats.

Read more here.

FOLLOW THIS STORY. KEEP IT ALIVE. This is rotten and the burden of proof, that the new totals are legit, ought to be air-tight, if this is allowed to stand.

It's just too predictable.

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