Tuesday, February 01, 2011


That was the year that Revolutionary fervor swept Europe. Read all about it, if your history is hazy.

Once the meme gets going, you can't stuff it back into the bottle.

A big difference today is media coverage - it can only serve to increase the speed in which events develop. I believe we are at the beginning of a global wave - every oppressed community is going to be demanding change.

That is, every oppressed community except for Americans, who are too complacent to worry about the assault on the Middle Class, a hopelessly corrupt judiciary (yes, I'm talking about YOU, Clarence, Sam, John, and Antonin), a national Press corp composed of toadies, divas, and idiots, etc. etc.

Two million Egyptians on the move - it's amazing what can be done once you get mad as hell. And all it took was one Tunisian willing to set himself on fire.

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