Thursday, December 16, 2010

back in Cabo San Lucas

I've been here before - I think this is #4.

Got off the ship early and wandered around town, looking for an Internet source. Found it at a coffee place.

Tomorrow is an At Sea day, then we dock in LA on Saturday. It's been a very mixed trip, with some nice sights (we liked La Crucecita the best), some fun ship-board hijinks (Dylan volunteered as a subject for the Comedy Hypnotist twice), and the obvious low-points (the moment I realized that my backpack and its many contents were gone forever, in Costa Rica).

All in all, it was nice to feel some warm sun and see some tropical vegetation, and it's strangely liberating to be traveling without a camera and money.

So, the obvious question for early next week is: should my new phone be iPhone or Android? Any suggestions?

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Ericha said...

I like my Android -- Global 2 Droid with Verizon.