Tuesday, May 11, 2010

good thing I'll be dead

It's my genes that I'm worried about.

We are the Ancients that the folks of the Future will shake their heads at and say "how could they have been so stupid?".

Then, again, maybe the nuclear wars that finish us off will cool things sufficiently so that Global Warming turns out to be a hoax, in an ironic sort of way.

This is the way the World ends - not with a Bang but with an Oops.


Elizabeth said...

Boy, this is cheerful. Thanks for sharing. Are you really this fatalistic, or is is just your blog persona? :-)

BTW, saw your elder offspring tonight; he seems to be doing well.

Barry in Portland said...

Yes, he said he enjoyed visiting with you two. Very nice.

Yes, I am really this fatalistic, but the degree to which it bothers me varies from day to day.

Good thing I am getting away for a week (details tomorrow).