Monday, February 01, 2010

busy week ahead

Picked up Karen at the airport around 4 - she had been in Santa Cruz since Friday, helping her 99 year-old Mother adjust to a new assisted-living place - it's an 'experiment'.

I managed to get everything on her honey-do list done (or, at least, in progress), so that's a relief.

I'm playing piano for a music program Thursday night, and, in addition to the one hour before the performance, today's one-hour rehearsal with three of the vocalists is about all we will get. Should be fun, though, and didn't have to transpose too many of their songs.

More music stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, some of which involves tunes I don't know (yet). Also, my partners at the USDA in New Mexico really want to release the next database upgrade on or before Friday, so we are scrambling to test out the most-recent changes, looking for those ever-increasingly-subtle bugs. It's a living.

Above all, the gloomy, wet, chilly day reminds me why it's so much nicer being in Mexico.

Oh yes, Republicans suck - did I forget to mention that? Let me count the ways (yes, Mitch McConnell, I am thinking of you)....

PS: Senate Dems are, sadly, totally ineffective and/or compromised. Obama's recent appearances, however, have been quite good. How nice to have someone intelligent at the helm, even though the keel is leaking badly (thanks to all the GOP mischief/theft since 1980).

Finally: RIP Howard Zinn.


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