Sunday, November 01, 2009

politics in spain

Having read a lot about the Spanish Civil War, in preparation for the trip, I was dying to ask Spaniards about how Franco and his reign are now considered, but I never had the courage to bring it up, knowing that, in some areas, passions are still high.

On the last day, I did ask Liz, the English owner of the B&B about it, and her answers were somewhat non-committal, along the lines of "it is recognized that there were atrocities on both sides." She also mentioned that Tony's (her spanish husband) father was a Franco supporter.

Well, today on the net, I see this. Apparently, my sense is right, and the historical verdict is that the eternal glorification of Franco is not going to happen. It's sort of equivalent to the Russians pulling down the Lenin statues, although the US still has to deal, someday, with the J. Edgar Hoover FBI building.

Beautiful full moon tonight. Totally dark now (5:45 pm).

Did a lot of yard-work this weekend - knees hurt. Busy week ahead, with several music rehearsals and a birthday dinner coming up Thursday (we are going out for sushi).

Spain seems very far away now.

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