Monday, May 05, 2014

slightly Out-of-Synchronicity

This post is silly, but I had a startling 'ain't-it-odd' experience this morning.

It started when I happened to glance at Paul Krugman's current blog posting, where he mentions a song by Alison Krauss, an artist I don't really know too much about.

Then, a couple of minutes later, I happened upon Digby's post about the anniversary of the Kent State tragedy. Accompanying that post is a link to a video showing scenes from that event, with the famous CSNY song.  I watched the video and it was very moving (I was a freshman in college that Spring, and had been arrested a month before at an anti-war protest in Baltimore, but that's another story).

The jarring moment came when we see a photograph of the memorial to the 4 students killed, and the name at the top of the list is Allison Krause.  Here's her Wikipedia page.

I thought that the synchronicity was especially strong with that connection, but was even further spooked to note that, as it says in the 'References' at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry, her eulogy was given by Ms. Krause's boyfriend, Barry Levine.

Yes, these things are happening all the time.  And yet, ain't it odd?